ARAL AG - is the 1st place at the gas station market in Europe, 2 factories of fuel and lubricants production, 1700 retail stores, 1200 eateries named ?Petit Bistro? and 3rd place in the market for sandwich sales in Germany, own logistics center, research laboratory. Since 2002, the year belongs to BP Europe. BP Head Office Europe and ARAL AG is based in the city of Bochum in western Germany.
ARAL Production facilities are located exclusively in Germany. This is associated with the company's high quality standards, which it supports since 1898. Primary production is located in a small industrial town Salzbergen, and since 2005 engine oils come off the assembly line in Hamburg. Both plants are owned by the ARAL AG.
Research Laboratory of ARAL is a generator of new solutions and optimizing product performance. Quality standards are so high that often exceed the expectations of car manufacturers and international certification organizations of lubricants. Precisely for this reason all products of ARAL have the same quality in all activities of the company.
ARAL AG management system fully meets the high requirements of the standard DIN ISO 9001. All certificates confirmed by the German Association for Certification of Quality Control (DQS). DQS Certification ensures additional reliability when purchasing ARAL production and receipting of corporate services from the company.
The results of application of the given standards and modern scientific developments allow to reduce fuel consumption, increase oil drain intervals, improving the performance of the engine, capable of operating engines at maximum loads  protecting them from wear and tear.
An integral element of the ARAL AG`s philosophy is the creation of satisfactory conditions for the users of services and products of the company. For this reason, 98% of the population of Germany trusted to brand ARAL for high-quality fuel, lubricants, car service, snack Petit Bistro and shops at petrol stations. For example, on the German fast-food market ARAL AG is represented by brand ?Petit Bistro? and occupying third place of sandwich sales trailing only to McDonalds and Burger King.
In the market of automobile lubricants, ARAL gained strong positions in the top five. Industrial oils with produced under trademark ARAL  characterized by stability, high performance, safety and durability. Due to the quality and well-deserved confidence, an equipment of the most German companies is working in industrial oils ARAL.