Name and Values

What is ARAL? To many people who live outside of Germany and the Euro-Union does not familiar with this name, though it remains unchanged for more than 92 years. ARAL name consists of the first two letters of ARomatics and ALiphatics words. Benzene belongs to aromatic hydrocarbon group gasoline belongs to an aliphatic group.
Thus, 92 years ago there were three events in history, namely by mixing benzene and gasoline was created the world's premium class fuel,  hard standarts of fuel quality inspection and was the beginning of existence brand ARAL.
1.Respect for history and traditions
2.High standards of quality
3.Continuous development and improvement
There are key factor for ARAL company's corporate philosophy!

Aral. Alles super.

Alles super translated as Everything is super - it is a slogan of ARAL.
Despite the complexity of business processes, scientific research and an industrial infrastructure, the company chose a very simple and clear to all the people of external communication method. For this reason, the brand is known for more than 80% of Europeans and 98% of people in Germany. ARAL name associated with the availability, simplicity, high quality of service and products, a positive mood for all visitors to its network where they are using the fuel filling services, oil changes, car washes, shops and cafes. This image was formed over a century and today almost all German citizens are the followers and supporters of ARAL philosophy.

Logo and Meaning
ARAL Company logo is one of the most popular in Germany.  It is not officially called a "blue diamond". This name appeared due to the structure and colors of the logo. The blue color in the symbolism of ARAL epitomizes beauty, and its equal shapes emphasize the orderly, liability, scrupulous attitude even to the smallest detail. The shape and colors of the logo, emphasizes brand individuality and remembered have already remembered to residents of Europe.